General Policies / Documents

  • Air Aware Guidelines for Senior Rugby

  • 2019 Rules & Regulations (link)

    It is the responsibility of all clubs within the jurisdiction of Rugby Alberta to make themselves familiar with the Rules & Regulations. Amendments are made each spring as necessary so a refresher is recommended.

  • Lightning Protocol

    The protocol for lightning during games can be found below:

    ^- Document missing on website.

ERU Regional Ruling on Subs for Lower Divisions

Player Substitutions for Divisions E3 and EW2:  An ERU regional ruling allows unlimited substitution and unlimited roster numbers for the lowest division in the ERU of each gender (E3 and EW2) during regular season matches only.  Unlimited meaning a player may return to the game after being subbed out unless he/she was removed for injury.

It is recommended that games with large numbers of subs be played in quarters. This should be confirmed and agreed to by both captains with the MO prior to kick off.

Substitutions are to take place only at approved breaks in the play as per the Match Official.  No rolling substitutions (hockey-style on and off at will)

If at the commencement of the game the teams choose not to play quarters, then subs shall be in accordance with the Laws of the Game

Policies and Guidelines for Youth Rugby in the ERU

Dispensation Process

Age Grade Variations

  • Game Cancellation/Change Protocol for Junior Rugby

  • Club Emergency Action Plan (Non-Covid)

Cancellations – Weather related and other