Youth and Mini Rugby Age Grades

Youth Programs are available within the various clubs of the Edmonton Rugby Union. Contact the club closest to you for registration information. Club listing link

Games are held Saturday mornings in a festival style for U5s-U11s between 9:00-11:30 am. Saturday Festivals run every Saturday from the beginning of May to the middle of July every weekend with the exception of long weekends.

U13 & U15’s play on Wednesday evenings between 6:30-8:30pm beginning the first week of May and continuing until mid-July.

U17 & U19’s play on weekdays between 6:30-9pm beginning the middle of June and continuing until mid-August.

Co-ed Minor Rugby:

Beginner Rugby — Under 5 years old

The U5 age group is combined with all clubs in Edmonton and focuses on gross motor skills such as running with the ball, kicking and learning to pass.

Non-Contact Flag Rugby – Under 7 years old

The U7s program begins with an introduction to flag rugby wearing tag belts, with an emphasis on learning how to pass backwards and run forwards.

Non-Contact Flag Rugby – Under 9 years old

Our U9s program builds on the skills learned at U7s and adds in passing between 1-2 players before a score will be allowed, kicking and offense and defense break downs.

Introduction to Contact – Under 11 years old Girls and Boys

The U11s programs begin to introduce contact and tackling after the first few weeks of flag rugby and are separated into gender based teams. Safety is paramount at this level and all players are taught the best ways to tackle and receive a tackle safely.

Junior Girls and Boys Programs:

Under 13 and Under 15 years old

The U13 and U15s programs transition to more of a full game which includes scrums and line outs and is usually played with 7 players per side. Coaches ensure safety is a top priority and players are comfortable with contact before games begin.

Under 17 and Under 19 years old

Players at the U17 and U19 level play a full 15 a side game. Individual Player and position specific skills are taught as well as a focus on team plays, supportive team work and a higher degree of competitiveness.

How much does it cost to play?

Fees vary by Club and age grade. Individual fees that make up the overall amount you pay are set separately by Rugby Canada, Rugby Alberta (and its subsidiary, Alberta Junior Rugby Association), Edmonton Rugby Union and Club.
Each rugby body is responsible for its own fee.

To find out how much fees are for you, contact the Club with which you are registering.

You can find contact information for ERU Clubs by clicking here.

Please Note

Rugby Canada’s vendor applies processing charges of
approximately 4% to all published fees.

Can I get financial assistance?

Some third-party programs offer financial assistance for kids.
These programs are not affiliated to, nor endorsed by, Edmonton Rugby Union.

Click image to visit Kidsport Canada’s website and to connect with your local Chapter.

for further info and to apply online click image to visit the Jumpstart website