Want to play Women’s Rugby?

Women’s Rugby In Edmonton

The ERU is proud to support 10 senior women’s clubs in Edmonton and Northern Alberta, In the last few years we have seen an immense amount of growth and resilience from our senior women’s sides.

Despite COVID restrictions hampering game play, the league was able to field a 5 game season in 2021. It was a growing year for every club and everyone was able to push biases aside and suit up in different club jerseys for the betterment of growing the sport and allowing everyone an opportunity to play.

The 2022 season will see the re introduction of 2 division for women’s clubs to participate in. Edmonton Women’s 2, a developmental and recreational division for those new players looking to try rugby or more senior players looking to play in a less competitive environment, and Alberta Women’s Premier division to promote competitive level rugby for those looking to play at a more serious level and for those players who play at a representative level for the Edmonton Gold or Alberta Wolfpack levels.

Stay tuned for additional info on Edmonton Gold rep rugby as well as Wolfpack training dates for the spring of 2022.