1. Navigate to https://airquality.alberta.ca/map/ for the most accurate information

2. Make a decision based on the Air Quality rating. Decision tree below:

> 3 ✅ Games & Training to continue as normal

4 – 6 ⚠️ Games & Training to have reduced intensity & duration where possible and provide additional testing periods (e.g. play quarters, having walking training sessions, teams to consider rescheduling matches and consult with ERU)

7+ ✋ Training to be rescheduled or held indoors.

7 ⛔️ Junior & Senior league Games to continue as scheduled & be reviewed at kickoff if the AQHI is 7+ as of 1pm on game day.
– Match officials and coaches are to arrive ready to play and meet prior to kick off and review the most current AQHI rating.
– If it remains at 7+ the match is delayed by 30min and if there is no change the match is to be rescheduled
– If the air quality is 8+ or changes dramatically during the game, the match is rescheduled

8+ 🛑 Junior & Senior league Games to be cancelled when the AQHI is 8+ as of 1pm on game day.

🚨 Important 🚨

  • On a week day, a decision on cancellation/postponement is to be made and communicated by 1pm
  • For weekend events, a decision is to be made and communicated by 1pm on the Friday
  • If teams would prefer to reschedule the match (rather than waiting until kickoff to review the AQ rating) please email eruprograms@gmail.com & erujuniorrugby@gmail.com by 2pm/as early as possible.
  • All teams, and if possible the match official, are to be included in the email chain.

Review the full policy: https://sportlomo-userupload.s3.amazonaws.com/uploaded/galleries/14156_uploaded/673b2e2c9806bacaeb632f26c479bc460e8ccb55.pdf

AB AQHI: https://airquality.alberta.ca/map/