The Edmonton Rugby Union is thrilled to announce the 2024 ERU Rugby Summit.  The goal of this event is to determine a prioritized list of issues and suggestions that may be formulated into a three-five-year ERU plan for distribution and agreement from the clubs and final approval by the board.

Potential topics for discussion include, but are not limited to:

  1. Club health and growth throughout northern Alberta (3 prioritized needs for club to grow).
  2. Junior development and growth throughout northern Alberta.
  3. Increasing transition rates from high school to junior and junior to senior rugby.
  4. Maintenance and preservation of rugby traditions.
  5. Marketing of both the game of rugby and the ERU.
  6. Edmonton Gold representative programs.
  7. Referee recruitment and retention.

As we strive for excellence and are growth/future-oriented, the ERU Board of Directors wants to ensure this planning session includes diverse representatives from within our union with this shared vision.  Therefore, we ask that this invitation be extended to any inspired person(s) that would contribute by attending. Our goal is to have at least 1-3 representatives per club, and optimistically hope we have more who wish to attend.  

The ERU reflects on the significance of having representatives from all areas of our union, and conscious of socio-economic obstacles those may face attending this event. Therefore, we will be offering financial support (gas and accommodation) for those travelling from out of town, upon request PRIOR to the summit.
All requests for financial support must be emailed to the ERU Secretary by 25 January 2024 

In order or prepare for the summit and to obtain feedback we have designed a short 5-minute survey that aligns with the topics that will be discussed at our session.  This survey will close on January 25th so that we can review the responses and bring them forward as part of the discussion on the 28th.  Your input will assist with the discussion and next steps of the ERU for 2024.

There will be a draw for a $50.00 gift card to Starbucks card for those who wish to share their name in the last question of the survey