2023 ERU Playoffs

The first round of 2023 Edmonton Rugby Union Championship Round kicks off this Saturday 09 September with semi-final clashes for teams in the JW Shaw Cup, Visser Cup, Johnsen Cup, and Jo Reinbold Cup.

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Below is a snapshot of some (NOT ALL) rulings around substitutions, teamsheets, tie-breaking, etc. Check out the Rugby Alberta website for all rulings, regulations, and policies.

Team Responsibilities

Both the home and away team shall complete an online Team Sheet … segregating starting players from substitutes (and specifically identifying front row players with FR and foreign players with I) … at least 24 hours prior to kickoff. Any player not listed on the team sheet will not be permitted to participate in the match. Any substitutions or revisions to the team sheets must be done online within 24 hours of the game’s completion.

Substitutions and Replacements

a team may nominate up to eight (8) replacements/substitutes.

matches will follow the guidelines on substitutions according to the World Rugby Laws of the Game (Law 3) . There will not be rolling subs.

matches are played with 15 players per side; should there be less than 15 – the minimum number of players required to play is 12. Game on Rules do not apply, teams are not required to match numbers.

Length of Game

All senior games shall consist of two forty (40) minute halves with a half-time break of five minutes. Matches will not be played in quarters.


The home team in the respective Sub-Union play-offs shall be the team with the higher-placing in the final league standings.

In the event a play-off game for a senior men or women’s division is tied at the end of regulation time, the following overtime format shall be used:

    • A coin toss shall be held to determine selection of ends and kick-off.
    • Two 10-minute overtime halves shall be played, with a 5-minute break between halves and changing of ends at the half.
    • Should the game still be tied at the end of the first 2 overtime halves, the teams shall continue to play successive sudden death 10-minute periods, with 5-minute breaks and the switching of ends between periods, the first team to score will be declared the winner.