Player Dispensations

For a player to be dispensated up an age grade or down an age grade, the following process MUST be adhered to. Failure to adhere to this process makes the player and team in-eligible to play.

We have updated the Dispensation Policy and Application form; you will find both these on the website. You will find it under ‘Competition’

High School Player Eligibility

According to ASAA (Alberta School’s Athletic Association) policy, the high school rugby season finishes after the provincial finals take place.  After this point all players are eligible to ‘play’ for a club.

During the rugby season the policy states that a student must not ‘play’ for a non-school team from March 15th through to the conclusion of the teams involvement in the ASAA provincial finals. There is no policy that states a player cannot ‘practice’ with a non-school team during this time.


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