Registrants can request a refund:

  • within 15 days of their registration date (which is processed automatically).
  • outside the 15-day window (which is subject to approval).


Click appropriate link below for information

International → Canada

Transferring to a Club in Canada from outside Canada

Canada → International

Transferring to a Club outside Canada

Temporary Memberships

A player may purchase one temporary membership only per season.

Temporary memberships can be upgraded to full-year.


The upgrade process allows members to add another category or role to their current season’s membership. Fees you’ve already paid will be credited.

Registration Cut Off

To qualify for playoffs, a player must have played a minimum of:

  • 4 games (senior)
  • 2 games (junior)

The cut-off is reached by counting backwards from the date of the participating team’s last game.