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Referee Information

Clubs can provide constructive feedback on their match official experience by using this link to an online report :

Send off report for Match Officials use is provided here:

Match Officials' Send-off Report

Match Officials are to complete a send-off report for any red card issued in a game. Here is the link to the form

Reports for games which occurred in ERU jurisdiction are to be sent to: Terry MacPherson; ERU Director of Discipline at

With a copy to

ERU Referee Abuse Policy

Please click the link in header above to read the Referee Abuse Policy from the Edmonton Rugby Union (ERU) and the Edmonton Rugby Union Referees Society (ERURS). This policy is effective immediately and applies to all coaches and spectators.

Player abuse of referees will continue to be dealt with according to the World Rugby and ERU Rules and Regulations.

The ERU Club Presidents have committed their support of this policy.  The clubs have pledged to work with the ERU and ERURS to curb referee abuse.   Be reminded that it is the CLUB’S responsibility to control spectators as per item 2.3 in the Rugby Alberta Rules & Regulations

We ask that if you see any instances of referee abuse (or volunteer/staff abuse), that you let your board members know so that it can be dealt with.  Or speak to the coach or spectator yourself if you feel safe to do so.  If we do not curb this trend we will continue to lose referees and the game will suffer. 

August 2018

ARC tournament Jan 2019

Referee Information News

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Discipline / Sanctions resulting from a red card or other removal from game or playing enclosure (players and non-players)

Discipline reports for AWP and AC divisions are to be emailed to and will be forwarded to the Rugby Alberta Rules and Regulations Committee (RRC).

The ERU's Director of Discipline is Terry MacPherson , email

Rugby Canada PlaySmart is a Player Welfare program that aims to educate players, parents, coaches, match officials and administrators on the safety of rugby across Canada.