Upcoming Games

Date Division Day Time Home Team Visitor Team Venue Special Notes
22-Aug   E3  Friday  18:30  LA Crude  Sharks  LD  
22-Aug   E3  Friday  18:30  NorWesters  Clansmen  NW   
23-Aug  U17 Boys   Saturday  12:00  Clansmen  Druids  ERP 5  City Final
23-Aug  E2  Saturday  13:00  Clansmen  St Albert  ERP 3
23-Aug   AWP  Saturday  14:00  Druids  Lep/Tigers  ERP 5  Provincial Final
23-Aug  AC  Saturday  16:00  Druids  Clansmen  ERP 5
Please use overflow parking at ERP on Saturday, August 23rd.
23-Aug   AW1  Saturday  14:00  Saracens  Clanswomen  CRP 1  Provincial Final
23-Aug   EW/SW  Saturday  12:00  Saints  St Albert  CRP 1  Provincial Final
23-Aug   U17/19 Girls  Saturday  14:00  CCIAC  NorWester/Crude  CRP 2  Provincial Final
23-Aug   U19 Boys  Saturday  12:00  Canucks  Clansmen  CRP 2  Provincial Final
23-Aug   E3  Saturday  14:00  Penguins  Axmen  CL  Moved from May 31st
23-Aug   E3  Saturday  14:00  Riggers  Druids  DV  
23-Aug   E2  Saturday  14:00  Knights  LA Crude  FM  
23-Aug   E2  Saturday  16:00  Centaurs  Pirates  GP  
23-Aug  E3  Saturday  14:00  Centaurs  Pirates  GP
23-Aug  AC  Saturday  16:00  NorWesters  St Albert  NW  

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What's New

Back the Pack

Support the Prairie Wolf Pack at the sole Edmonton game of the Canadian Rugby Championship (CRC).


2014 City Championships

Thanks for a great season! The senior women and junior leagues wrap up with provincials in Calgary on August 23rd. Senior men city finals are September 27th.


Fall 7's Series

Starts September 6th for junior boys, junior girls and senior women.

The deadline to declare a team is Friday, August 22nd!


Rep Rugby Recognition

Congratulations to the ERU players, coaches, volunteers, parents and supporters of representative rugby.



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