Upcoming Games

Date Division Day Time Home Team Visitor Team Venue
22-Jul U17/U19 Girls Tuesday 19:00 Sharks Clanswomen ERP
22-Jul U17/U19 Girls Tuesday 19:00 Crude/West Lep/Tigers LD
22-Jul U17/U19 Girls Tuesday 19:00 Pirates NorWesters PIR
22-Jul U17/U19 Girls Tuesday 19:00 Druids St Albert SD
23-Jul U17 Boys Wednesday 18:30 St Albert NorWesters *SA
23-Jul U19 Boys Wednesday 20:00 St Albert Clansmen *SA
*St. Albert home games continue to be played at Alpine Field (75 Akins Dr), behind ES Gish School
23-Jul EW2 Wednesday 19:00 Druids St Albert SD
23-Jul U17 Boys Wednesday 19:00 Druids Clansmen SD
23-Jul AW1 Wednesday 19:00 Crude/West Clanswomen LD
25-Jul E3 Friday 19:00 Sharks Clansmen ERP
25-Jul E3 Friday 19:00 LA Crude NorWesters LD
26-Jul AC Saturday 16:00 Clansmen NorWesters A
26-Jul E2 Saturday 14:00 Clansmen LA Crude A
26-Jul E3 Saturday 14:00 Penguins Pirates CL
26-Jul AW1 Saturday 15:30 Saracens Crude/West CRP
26-Jul AC Saturday 15:30 CCIAC Lep/Tigers IR
26-Jul AW1 Saturday 14:00 Titans Lep/Tigers RD
26-Jul EW2 Saturday 14:00 Rockers Sirens ERP
26-Jul AWP Saturday 16:00 Lep/Tigers Lethbridge ERP
26-Jul E2 Saturday 14:00 Knights Centaurs FM
26-Jul E2 Saturday 12:30 St Albert NorWesters *SA
26-Jul AWP Saturday 11:00 Druids Hornets SD
26-Jul U17/U19 Girls Saturday 13:00 Druids Lep/Tigers SD
26-Jul E3 Saturday 15:00 Druids Lep/Tigers SD
26-Jul U19 Boys Saturday 12:00 Druids NorWesters SD
26-Jul EW2 Saturday 14:00 Druids Sharks SD
26-Jul AC Saturday 16:00 Druids St Albert SD


What's New

U15 Rugby Finals

Thanks for a great season and congratulations to the provincial champion Nor'Wester boys.


Rep Rugby Recognition

Congratulations to the ERU players, coaches, volunteers, parents and supporters of representative rugby.


Challenge Cup

Results from the Challenge Cup games played on June 28, 2014 at ERP.



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